Our Purpose & Aims

WISE UP Workshops CIC provides an inclusive community using various art forms to promote health & well-being, to learn life skills, to build resilience and to build confidence in individuals of all ages and all abilities.

Our vision is to create a vital support network and a space where everyone has the same opportunities, where everyone is equal and feels valued whatever their background.

WISE UP gives individuals the space to use their creativity and to feel empowered. We believe in what people CAN do in this world  together with EVERYONE.

Our team of professionals and volunteers have a passion for helping people of all generations, we follow the wise up wishes and we are all trained in listening skills. We offer a positive and welcoming atmosphere using theatre skills, movement, creativity and a volunteer led community café for local people for all age. The WISE UP programme is flexible and often changes to the suit the needs of the people who attend. It’s simple- We listen to ‘what people want and need’ to enable people to grow.


Workshops In Services Everywhere Using Person-centred skills