WISE UP Wishes

Our ethos is to provide a positive and welcoming place to be for everyone whilst ensuring safe boundaries. Our aim is to meet the needs of every person who comes through our doors. In return, we ask that all people involved in our workshops follow the WISE UP WISHES, that they respect our team members and treat everyone as they would like to be treated themselves. If the wishes are being compromised regularly we will contact you as their parents/carers to work together and to discuss a way forward.

Our WISE UP WISHES are based on the principles in which the organisation runs on a daily basis, they are used at every workshop, every activity and throughout our team training, they are there in order to provide continuity and to keep us all safe. We believe that these basic rules can help people develop life skills and can help people to grow as positive, kind and respectful individuals adding value to the community that they live in.

If you feel that the WISE UP Wishes have been compromised in any way or you would like to discuss them in more detail please do not hesitate to contact the team on hello@wiseupworkshops

You can view the WISE UP WISHES below